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Things You Can Do During the Fall General Maintenance

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During the fall season could be one of the best times that people could do a lot of things and prepare for the coming snowy days or winter season time. Others would check the lawn care service Ponte Vedra FL to ensure that everything will be on the right place especially for the lawn and the plants during the winter. This could be the best time for some house owners to fix the problem in their homes and give the best benefit of cleaning the things that they need cleaning. People usually make a mistake in thinking that everything will be fine and nothing serious would happen if I would not fix the problem around my property or house roof.

Of course, it will be your initiative to do it now as you might not have any chance to make things better when the bad season comes to your city. It would be hard for you to go out during the winter days and you have to fix the problem in your roof or during the rainy and stormy time. You can make a full and better list of the things that you could do during the fall in order for you to be ready and have the best ideas. In this way, you would be able to make the right things and you could ask help from your family members and friends to fix the unpleasant things in there.

Here are the things that you can include to your lists and some ideas that you could consider.

  1. This is the best time to inspect your roof and ceilings: When you have a house, it is not good to ignore the problems with regards to your roof and the ceiling part to give a better protection to the family. Inspection is the best start to know the problems and if there is a problem then you could give an immediate action and hire the best people to fix this.
  2. This is the best time to remove the dirt in your gutters: Part of the roofing component is the gutter where the water goes down after touching the roof of the house and it is important to clean this one very often. Having a clogged gutter or dirty one then it would affect the functions of it and would have serious problems that could ruin the entire part of the roofing materials.
  3. This is the best time to secure your gardening tools and other equipment: You need to clean and keep in good place the tools that you use for the garden as they would be prone to rust.
  4. This is the best time to fix the problem in the driveway: It is nice to consider the driveway and fix the holes or bumpy things that it have there.
  5. This is the best time to repair the problems in your deck: It is wonderful if you would include the deck of the house when it comes to the inspections and repairs.
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The Basics of a Lawn Mowing

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Lawn maintenance is a job that comes when you have a lawn. You can leave your lawn unattended but it isn’t a good idea if you leave it so. If you don’t take care of your lawn now, you might have to spend thousands later in fixing the place up. There are very basic things that you can definitely do on your own like lawn mowing and even aerating.

If you don’t have the time or the tools to do the job, you can always call on for help. There are many lawn maintenance experts you can choose from. Just make sure to hire the one that you find the most comfortable with. You don’t have to hire the most expensive in the lot however, you also don’t want to hire an amateur for a professional job.

In this article, you will read about the basics of lawn mowing. The focus will be on that particular topic as lawn maintenance is a vast topic to take in one article.

What is Mowing?

Mowing or lawn mowing is simply the cutting of grass to a specified height. It’s important for you to remember that it is done in a periodic manner.

What are the Basics of Mowing?


The perfect time to mow grass is early in the morning or during the evening. This will help the grass to acclimate to being cut. When you cut during the middle of the day wherein the sun as its highest and hottest your grass that gets cut might go into shock. You don’t want that to happen as it could mean that your grass might not fare well in the long run.

You should also make sure to mow the grass when it is relatively dry. Don’t mow your lawn when it’s raining as it would be detrimental to your mower. It will also help spread the disease a lot faster which is something that you don’t want.


Make adjustments to the mower blade if you have to. You need to target to only cut off a third of the grass as taking more than that can cause weak roots and unhealthy lawn. Too short a lawn can dry out pretty fast and too long may cause molds to take root in the lawn. You should make sure to always go for the right height.


It is a rule that when a blade is blunt it would cause uneven cut, whereas a blade that is sharpened will cut cleanly and evenly on the grass blades. So, you should make sure to sharpen the mower blades as best as you could. It will cause an unsightly color to exist in your grass so, that should be avoided at all cost.


You also want to leave the clippings or cut grass in the lawn. This will be perfect mulch or it could be a perfect fertilizer for your grass. The nutrients from the cut grass will be used again in the soil thus, you are using it to its utmost purpose. Lawn mowing is an easy enough job that you can do yourself.

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